Why open minded bisexuals are more popular?

July 23, 2018 | Bi3sum.com

Bisexual dating site is very common in the society. Most people are often confused about their sexuality as they see themselves attracted to others regardless of the gender. There are many confusing facts about this topic as many thinks that bisexuality is caused by high sexual drive or people who have low moral standards but that is not true, many people grow up being drawn to both sexes and until they figure it out, they remain secluded and out of the notch with others.

Bisexual and curiosity

A man once said that he caught his friend kissing and sending nudes to another of his friend whom he shared same room at the University with, he said he was not angry or disappointed but curious and found it interesting that he liked what he saw. He kept checking out their nudes and others but didn't know how to approach them about what he knows. He also started visualizing himself making same move as his friend. He researched about it and was confused about where he belongs as he later found out that he was more attracted to men than women but because of society, he has to conform to the rules even though the longing never left him. This, you can see, will make this man secluded in his own thoughts and world.

A friend of mine, while in the University, said that if not for the society, that she prefers dating her fellow sex as they tend to understand her better than the opposite sex. No idea About When It Starts.

When you question most of these bisexuals about when they knew of their sexuality, they often answer in the negative as most do not know when they started conceiving the idea of another gender. Women are more likely to be bisexual as most find their fellow women attractive and often use them as an experimental factor. It also give them an avenue to make a choice of a life partner as their most intention is to find out that which makes them happy.

But how do they know, you ask?

It can be from relating with that one person who is most close to you, some are from homes and when shown kindness from the other, some happen when they suffer heartbreaks from the opposite sex and others, others are adventurous and wish to explore all avenues of their sexuality.

Bisexuals are adventurous

It is important to note that bisexual dating often exposes both parties to know who and what they want in any relationship. Open minded bisexuals are more popular because they are often ready to try out new things. So far as they get a hold of an information, they tend to try it out and most continue if they find the flare for it.